Tuesday, August 08, 2006


She noticed the strip of peeling wallpaper at the corner of the wall.

It was not there before. Or that was how she has always remembered that wall to be.

It was supposed to be like every other day, in the room.

She had never left this room before.

Why does she need to? Everything is provided for. She's in her most comfortable zone. No worries, no problems, no troubles.

Everything is perfect.

Until now.

She looked at that strip of wallpaper with curiosity.

What if I pull of the wallpaper, she thought.

And that was what she did.

But behind the wallpaper wasn't a bare wall, like she expected to be.

It was some leaves and fern.

Surprised, she began to strip off the remaining bits of wallpaper. One by one.

And then, after a while, she was staring into a lush, green forest and a cool stream ahead.

Initially, she was blown away by the beauty of the forest. And then suddenly, she was overcome by wanderlust.

It's time to move on from the room, she said to herself firmly.

Even though I may get lost, or face challenges, I will still go ahead, and I wanna feel free.

And without looking back, she took one brave step out of the room, and disappeared into the woods.

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ChinoDevean said...

beautifully done, one-chan. Gambate!!

note: recently finished watching this 26-ep anime called Trigun. Abit like Kenshin, former assasin is now peace-loving wanderer. But sci-fi based and bout guns. At first thought it'll be like Kenshin, but the second half episodes were really good, quite drama. Might actually like it more than Kenshin *horrors*