Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Pokemon Go locations in Johor Bahru (Part 2)

We had some visitors who came visiting us in Johor Bahru recently, and not to mentioned the family went for our first overseas trip as a family (more on that later). Hence, I had a chance to provide more updates to other areas within Johor Bahru.

Country Garden

Two views of Country Garden, depending on which direction are you travelling from. I personally had not gone into Country Garden to catch Pokemon as most of the place is under construction. I supposed the Poke gyms are conquered by construction workers.

Danga Bay

I heard so much about Danga Bay being a Pokemon hotspot, especially those looking for Dratini, but unfortunately I never had the chance to visit this place to catch Pokemon. Was supposed to go there when my relatives came to visit, but my baby was fussing away and screaming in the car, so we had no choice but to head back home. Will try to visit this place another day, perhaps when my baby is older. 

The weekends are always busy, you can see many Pokestops with lures. This photo was taken during weekend. Interesting Johor Crown is also a Pokestop. 

Legoland Malaysia

We were in Legoland recently for their Brick Or Treat event, so I had the chance to do screenshot of the Pokestops and Poke Gyms inside Legoland. Can't really say what special Pokemon do they have there as it was during the Pokemon Go Halloween event, hence lots of Ghastly, Cubone, Meowth, Hypno and Haunter.

Senai Airport

We went for a 10 day overseas trip sometime early September, hence the only reason why we headed to Senai airport. The Pokegym is where Old Town Kopitiam is located, the teams constantly changing as active battles take place all the time.

I am not sure why I ended up on the tarmac when I was supposed to be at the departure lounge, hahaha....

Taman Pelangi

We went to Taman Pelangi for a dinner at a Korean restaurant. The first picture is taken along the main road heading towards Taman Pelangi. The two Poke Gyms are located at Plaza Pelangi and along Bliss Hotel.

Further into Taman Pelangi where we had our dinner, we are surrounded by many Pokestops and 3 Poke Gyms. The two photos are taken at the same place, but different angles. My husband commented his seat at the restaurant is surrounded by Pokestops and lots of Ratatas lol!

I have a couple more places to visit the coming few weeks, I hope to have another post up by then :)

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Brick Or Treat 2016 at Legoland Malaysia

Wow, one year just passed by so fast! My post on 2015's Brick or Treat seemed so recent, where had time gone??? 

This year's Halloween event was held much, much earlier - beginning 16 September right up to 29 October 2016. We only went during early October but I really did not have time to update my blog till now.

This year's event is a little more different and elaborate as compared to previous year. Also, they extended the entire park hours right up to 9pm during Hallooween Nights. I guess reception to this event is so popular they decided to make it more grand this time around.

The main event is still held at the Castle area, the main castle now decorated with a huge ghoul waiting to devour visitors. 

Decoration wise, we have something old, something new. Can't deviate much from the Halloween theme, can we? 

As usual, the biggest attraction for Halloween Nights is the Brick or Treat trail for the children. This year they are more organised as compared to previous year. The starting point of the trail is located at the entrance to Lego Kingdoms, next to Star Wars Miniland. Each kid must be present to be entitled to receive the paper bag and trail map. 

On the trail map they need to visit ten kiosks and get the map stamped for all stations. Inside the goodie bag there are ten Lego bricks. You need to exchange the bricks in order to receive the freebies. Upon receiving all the nine stamps, they can redeem the Duplo Halloween commemorative brick from the tenth kiosk.  

Somehow the 2nd kiosk always have the longest queue. I wonder why?

There is also photo session with Lord Vampyre and the Green Witch. I did not take any with the kids as they were afraid.Sigh.

For the grown-ups hoping to get a Duplo Halloween brick, they can attempt to build either a Lego pumpkin or spider. Upon completion they will receive a brick for their efforts.

I wanted to try to build the spider but it was 50 steps process and I was running out of time. This was how my spider looked like before I had to hand it over back to the Legoland staff. Obviously I did not receive my brick :(

This year's show theme is called Monster Catcher's Club. Two monster catchers Bo and Jo are in Lord Vampyre's castle trying to catch a monster but needed help from the children. It is funny with a local flavour but I find last year's performance more engaging. My daughter loves the Monster Catcher's Club pose though (see below photo).

Face to face with Lord Vampyre!

This year's freebies are a little mixed. Staedtler gave away colour pencils last year but this year we received only one 2B pencil. Haribo still gave away the same gummy candy. We also received Premier tissue paper, Milo pencil box, Ribena candy and Canon notebook.

Of course, none more important than the Duplo Halloween commemorative brick. Here i put it on temporary display with my old castle set and my cousin's skeleton and bat. Looks like this is something I need to start collecting every year.

Happy Halloween everyone! Boo!