Ang Pow Packets - Transformation Across the Years

While I was sorting out my Angpow collection after Chinese New Year, I came across some old Angpow packets I received from my cousin who was decluttering her own collection. I took some of these old designs and compared them with the current year design of the same company. You can see for yourself how much the Angpow designs had evolved across the years.


This is probably the oldest Angpow I had to date. It was given to me by my kid's school principal after she found out that I collect Angpow packets. According to her, this was around 30 years old. I don't have this year's Hennesy Angpow but I am pretty sure it doesn't look anything like this!


These two Angpow packets that were given by my cousin are probably the earliest version of Angpow packet that I have from McDonald's. 

Fast forward to 2020 - Here we have McDonald's Singapore's very appetizing Angpow set of 3 designs. Makes you go hungry just by looking at it 😋 

McDonald's Malaysia had a more classy approach, incorporating the M logo onto the koi fishes.


These two were the earliest version that I have (Note the old Citibank logo on the left Angpow packet). The one on the left was found in a thrift shop, the one on the right was given to me by my uncle. I am not sure if these are from Malaysia or Singapore. 

The Year 2020 design for Citibank Malaysia is simply stunning - A set of 4 pieces, with picture of a bird perched on a peony bush. This is also one of my favourite sets, though I did not feature it in my previous post.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Even an established Bak Kua brand needs to up its Angpow design so to please its customers. The old design is nothing to shout about, but the 2020 design is really beautiful, with the embossed hotstamping on the flowers make it look very classy. 

Midvalley Megamall

I nearly laughed my head off when I saw the old Midvalley Megamall Angpow. The shopping mall attempted to use paper fans, but somehow the design looks a bit......strange......

I don't have the year for the new Angpow packet from Midvalley Megamall but one can certain see the difference in the design.

This is Year 2020 design, a tie-in with LEGO. While the design is not theirs, it is definitely better than the fan design. 

If I come across any more of these old vs new design by the same company, I will share in my future posts.