Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Grammy's and the Naked Chef

Talk about receiving an award too late.

'Genius Loves Company' won so much, but after the singer has passed away. How many times does this happen, when a recognition is given after a talented person (be it a singer, actor,scientist, artist) has passed on?

Anyway, the country performance is so boring...thank goodness Jamie Oliver was on Discovery. It's amazing how this guy prepares his food...and how much he loves his grater.......anything goes : cheese, garlic, onions, carrots....wonder if he wash that grater...must have add lots of flavour to his meals..^^

back to Grammy's : Kayne's performance is really great, but still don't like his looks - Thank goodness for Maroon 5, i think they deserve it. Alicia looks fantastic and she deserves the Grammys

"I love this show! A cooking show by guys, for guys! " - comments by my ototo after watching Naked Chef

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