went out for CNY dinner at Tai Thong Summer Palace with my collegues....ordered set meal for 10...and there were only 6 of us....the waitress has been understanding enough why we keep asking them to 'tah pau' the leftovers, for obvious reasons....

one conversation among us was certainly memorable......seems there was a scene in a TV show or movie where the character said 'My lips are sealed'. The subtitles in BM was this ' Bibir saya anjing laut'.

In literal translation, it means 'my lips is a seal'.

'Anjing laut' means 'seal'.

Yes, as in the animal you see in Sea World or Discovery.

I don't remember how long did I laugh, or how loud was my laughter, but it was a classic for our local TV.

The last time i laughed so loud over a subtitle was during the cinema premiere of LOTR : The Fellowship of the Ring. Mount Doom was translated as 'Gunung Celaka'.

In BM, Gunung means 'mountain', but celaka is some word you use to scold people. My guess is it means something like 'Dammit!!'

Mount Dammit

The author, or even Peter Jackson would probably have fits if he knew about this.....hahaha...