Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's hard to say goodbye

It is hard to say goodbye.

I found myself in the situation during my grandfather's funeral. We were singing 'Au Lang Sye' and the last verse has a line that wishes goodbye to a friend. For my case , I have to change the word 'friend' to 'grandfather' or 'gong gong'. It sounded very straight forward task, but I found myself unable to sing out that phrase. Each time i tried, but always choked with tears, unable to say goodbye to my grandfather who has already left this earth to begin his journey on another world.

There are lots of things I do not know about my grandpa until his death. It's a waste, considering old people have lots of interesting stories and experience to share.

He is a well-respected man in the village. Even though he has retired, he is invited to join many associations, and have many friends around town.

His favourite flower is Chrysanthemum.

So many people attended his funeral, now I know why.

On the way to the cemetary, we passed by our great-grandma's grave.

You shall meet her again. You didn't get to see her during her funeral, now you are reunited with her again.

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