Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Force is back!!!

After watching the Star Wars on TV when i was a kid, and fallen in love with the story, the visuals and Han Solo. Two more movies later, we had a happy ending, and I thought the trilogy was complete.

Then came in the prequels. Yeah, it's using state-of-the-art technology, with all sorts of planes, creatures, planets, droids, blah blah blah....i felt empty after watching both episode 1 and 2. It's like stuffing yourself with popcorn, or some junk food. Or like you've tasted something bad in your usually favourite food, and you may not wanna eat it again.

Mr. Lucas - bad bad decision you make, suffer we did, jar jar binks we hate, but still cool Yoda is and we love.

Anyway, after years of agony of waiting and having to avoid the prequels on Star World ( I still watch episodes 4 - 6). the Force is finally back!!!! I was keeping my fingers crossed Mr. Lucas won't make the same boo-boo like he did for the first two prequels. And luckily, he didn't this time with Episode 3. I didn't quite have faith at first, having to rely on critics comments, but seems it was surprisingly better than expected, hence I took a deep breath and stepped into the cinema with a hint of caution....

Couple of hours later, the only thought I had was : It is done. It is complete. The final battle tugged my heartstrings (thank goodness for Ewen McGregor!!) but to make Darth Vader appear as someone with compassion and anguish was a bit unreal to me. I guess it was later he totally has no emotions at all, after what he has bring through.

Welcome back to the Force, Mr Lucas, but spare us episodes 7 to whichever you think imagine....

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