Saturday, June 04, 2005

Kylie's Superstar Treatment

Some extracts from the article posted on E! Online on 3 Jun 2005 :

According to a report in Australia's Herald Sun, Kylie Minogue and her family and security detail were given eight rooms in the cardiac ward at Melbourne's Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini Hospital last month when the pop princess checked in to undergo surgery for breast cancer.

To accommodate the ailing celeb, an undisclosed number of elderly cardiac patients were reportedly moved from their rooms. Family members complained that they were denied access to their loved ones by Minogue's security detail and that areas of the hospital were sealed off by black plastic.

Minogue, 37, was reportedly assigned to the unit because it was the most secluded and offered the most privacy. A rep for the singer told Sky News that Minogue had not requested special treatment.

An unnamed doctor called the situation "distressing and very inappropriate." "I must admit several people were severely inconvenienced. I was very surprised that eight beds were given to one patient with a non-cardiac condition," the doctor said.

On Friday, the hospital's chief executive, Roger Greenman, fired back, denying that any patients had been moved on Minogue's behalf.

Greenman called the reports a "disappointing attack on the integrity of our hospital and staff" and claimed that Minogue's stay had not affected the hospital's care of other patients.

After all that, my question is : are you entitled to this just because you are a celebrity?? It seems now in a celebrity-worshipping era, i guess the paparazzi will do anything to get a sneak peak of her, but again - this is a hospital. You don't have to make it such a big deal with the plastics and stuff. Yeah, you may pay the hospital for its services to treat a big shot client, but doesn't mean you can transform the place to your personal hospital. The doctors may defend themselves, but you already heard it from the people who complaint and witness this.

Kylie - I love your music, and your videos, and I wish you a speedy recovery. But even if this not your own doing, I hope one day you will realise, you are no different from other patients. Everyone deserves their space, not just you. Remember that, always.

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