Sunday, October 02, 2005

Farewell to my Old mini-compo

More than 10 years ago, when I shifted into my new home, Dad got my brother and I a mini-compo each. It was a model from Sanyo, and was purchased in Yaohan at the Mall in KL.

After more than a decade of playing countless CDs, cassettes and radio tracks, it ate up my Miracles CD 3 weeks ago, and that means it's time to get another mini compo.

The picture here was taken after I had to manually dismantle the whole unit to retrieve my CD, and before we take it out to the trash.

As I gave it one final look, i realised many things had happened throughout those years...

- Yaohan was declared bankrupt in 1997 in Japan. The local retail outlet was taken in by a local company and changed to Lifestyle Department Stall. It didn't do too well as well, and was recently acquired by Parkson.

- The cassette players had two decks, of which one of them could be used for recording purposes. I used this very frequently until both players broke down. Then from 1996 onwards, CDs become more widely available, and hence I began my CD collection. I find CDs more durable than cassettes, but found problems trying to record them. Only in 2000 and beyond, the wonderful technology of CD writers came about. The new compo I bought (Panasonic brand) is even better - it plays mp3 files!! That goes to show how fast technology has changed.

- I understood that Sanyo is now facing liquidity problems. The big players from Japan then were Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic. But now they are threatened by other companies, especially their Korean counterparts like LG and Samsung. Sanyo is still manufacturing compos, but didn't have a model that met my specifications.

- I listened a lot to Hitz fm as it was the 'In' channel to listen (apart from Radio 4, that is). It was quite a new channel then...i think it's celebrating it's 10 year anniversy...perhaps more, I dunno...last time, before Hitz came about , I listen to THR. I like to listen to Flyguy and Richard La Faber a lot. So when Flyguy went over to Hitz, I was happy as well. Nowadays, I listen to Mix or Light N Easy (sometimes My fm or 98.8) as I can't tolerate the songs from Hitz anymore...maybe it's an age thing, maybe they just don't produce good songs anymore...

By discarding this compo, I'm actually discarding part of my life, my diary with it. Thank goodness for Blogger so I can transfer my memories of the part here......

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