Saturday, December 17, 2005

Andaman - Day 2

Our Day 2 started off with a rainy and gloomy morning. We had arranged for a private car tour for RM210 for the whole day's journey. It was comparitively cheaper than the outside package. Our itenary was the Batik Village, Underwater World, Galeri Perdana and Kuah town.

The Batik Village is owned by a couple, one a batik painter, and the other, a designer. We bought a couple of items there, they look very unique, and the quality feels good. Some of the batik wrap skirts were very nice, unfortunately they were very costly too because they were made of silk fabric. Not even 11:30 and some serious damage already done to my wallet.....

Next Stop : Langkawi Underwater World. I have visited the place once back in 1990's and honestly I love underwater parks. The atmosphere makes it feel like you are admiring the treasure of the deep ocean, and being part of them. I can't really swim, so the chances of me going for scuba diving is nil. This is the closest I can get for able to observe marine life. It's been a while since I've visited, and i looked forward to see the penguins. Unfortunately one of the pens were closed for renovations, so we can only see the other type of penguins. I can't remember the name, but It had some hair growing out of it's head, like sideburns.

There were also some of the aquarium displays that reminds me of the aqua landscaping project that I wanted to embark on one day. It really calms me down just watching the fishes swim in the tank filled with marine plants.

Overall, the Underwater World in Langkawi doesn't look so exciting as before. The fishes were still many and huge, but perhaps I was looking forward to more varieties. I also didn't see any turtles (although there were the common red snapper tortoise and terappins). The souvenir shops looks like a pasar malam, and many wares suspiciously looks like they were imported from Thailand. We didn't get anything there.

Next stop would be Kuah Town, where we hunted for cheap chocolate, Corelle diningware and Baileys. We managed not only to get all that, but also bought some nice pink batik (for my blue kebaya) and a funky two-tone green bag. Baileys was soooo cheap there (RM45 per bottle) so we got two!! The chocs were relatively cheap as well, so I got a couple of mint flavoured chocs from this brand called Andes. It tasted really good!! Mum got the Corelle bowls that she wanted, for half the price it costs in KL. In other words, our shopping trip was a 'success'!!

That evening was supposed to be scheduled for an evening walk around the virgin forest, but it was cancelled due to rain. So I'm back at the business centre typing out this blog. After this we'll probably start packing and rest for tomorrow's departure.

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