Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bon Ton Resort, Langkawi

During our 2nd day in Langkawi, the Encik driver decided to introduce us to Bon Ton. We had a brief stop for a photo session. I only took one shot as it was beginning to rain.

Bon Ton is a beach resort with a difference. It comprises only seven century-old traditional houses, restored and refurbished to become exclusive holiday residences for those who wants privacy and an experience of living in a kampung house. Each of the houses offered comes with names like Silk, Blue Ginger and Laguna. I'm not sure what name is the house taken in the picture, but looks like Laguna.

The resort also have jacuzzi and pool facilities. Its restaurant is also said to be very well known in the island. The Chin Chin bar was supposedly a 100-year old coffeeshop that was saved from being demolished.

I like the overall concept of this resort, and the amount of privacy it gives too (it's not located along a tourist strip where everyone can just come and go as they please). It seems this resort is set up by a foreigner, and the funds are used for a nobel purpose ( to support the Langkawi animal clinic). I thought it was a good idea to be able to come up with something special, and using the profits for a good cause. (I'm sure the owner is a true animal lover, there's no other reason I can explain why would someone spend so much money over animals?)

The rates are considered middle range (From RM450 per night for a house for 2 people), but I'm sure it's very cheap for the foreigners, and like the encik said, it's fully booked throughout the year.

I hope one day (with enough money) I am also able to spend a wonderful weekend at Bon Ton. People might think it's a crazy idea, but to me, this is an ultimate experience (imagine living in a malay house, catered for foreign tourists!)

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