Friday, December 16, 2005

Chilling Out @ The Andaman, Langkawi

Today I am blogging from the business centre at The Andaman, Langkawi.

I won this 3D/2N trip from our company's annual dinner lucky draw. My mum followed me to Langkawi as my dad didn't want to go. As usual, she's very anxious about everything, but we finally arrived safely ,dispite a real eye-opener experience with Air Asia (Are you sure there are enough seats for everybody, as all of them were scrambling for seats!!!!) Somehow rather nobody wants to seat at the front few seats, not sure if it's due to the toilet or the fear of the door being ripped out during flight. But anyway, mum and I took different front row seats.

The Andaman is located in a virgin rainforest along Datai Bay, an exclusive location, if you ask me. It's located at the north of the island, with only one way in and out the resort. The premium room rates starts at RM900 (the room i'm staying in is worth RM900 per night) and could sour up to RM3000,depending on the type of room. This probably explains the lack of Malaysians visitors staying there. It was interesting to note that some people thought we were from HK. Proably no sane Malaysian would spend so much money in Langkawi. We are not famous locals anyway.

So far the weather has been very cloudy and rainy (bad timing!!). We decided to hang around the hotel today, and only venture out to town tomorrow. The internet at the business centre is FOC. The staff here are friendly, coz i guess they deal a lot with rich foreigners. The room is comfy, although I lament that i can't open the balcony door to get a whiff of the forest air. I expect to see lots of flora and fauna around - something which i truly enjoy.

It's strange how come Malaysians can't appreciate nature, all they are concern is shopping and amusement. I can't wait to visit the Underwater World tomorrow. The last time i went there was with the HRC Youth back in 1998 or 1999. That was one place I wanted to visit again. Mum is not interested in the Cable Car ride, so we'll probably pass that. (that would depend on the weather too anyway). The only other location we thought about is the Galeri Perdana, where ex-PM Dr. M keeps his gifts, awards and other stuff.

I think this is a Langkawi is a good place to unwind, though this mode of accomodation is very pricey (coz it's a high-class hotel). Next time, i'll opt for somewhere cheaper....but it's just my first day, and I enjoy it so far, even though if it's with Mum and we are stuck in the resort.

Below are some pictures of the hotel room :

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