Monday, December 12, 2005

Narnia : The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe

It was pure luck that I got two tickets for the Saturday 9.45 show WITHOUT making a reservation. And quite a good seat too! It was either that or Harry Potter (goodbye Harry!)

Having read the book in Sept, I only have one expectation of the movie : the essence of Narnia has to be present in the movie, and that the storyline does not steer away from it.

I guess I got my wish.

It was pure delight to see how Narnia has turned out to be. The beauty about the book was that it did not drill down to detailed descriptions of the whole story, so you can't say whether the director did this wrong, or this was not what the author described. What he did right was to ensure how Narnia is to those who have enjoyed the book.

Some bits to cringe upon (there is no such thing as perfect movie!!) I find the actress playing Lucy smiling too much, even though she does not look like she was supposed to smile, but somehow rather she still looked like she was smiling. She's young though, and I hope her acting skills will improve in time for the next installment (if she gets casted). I applaud the casting folks though. The four children may look alike, but they are played by different actors. Mr Tumnus was very well played, although sometimes his smile reminds of a pervert. The Queen deserve my highest praise. Never I've seen such a cold queen, even though with slightly horrid make-up. The scene when she came in her chariot, pulled by the bears was just awesome to watch. The unicorns, centaurs, griffens were all excellent. Heck with the quality of the graphics, it's fine by me!!

One thing about Malaysian audience though, not sure how many had read the book, but i feel that those who did not read the book will not understand the extend of the story, and how some things are meant to be, such as the lamp post. Did anyone asked how did the lamp post came about? Why is Aslan so significant? Perhaps, like I always do so, I look down on the typical Malaysian audience. They like to watch movies, but they become part of the american audience, where effects and sound is everything. Action speak louder than words. It's quite disheartening to see how the audience treats Narnia like any other movie. Perhaps I have become a fan of Narnia the Chronicles, and it's absurd for me to be upset over the general audience, after all, Malaysians are not known to be avid readers.

Anyhow, I truly enjoyed the movie, and I hope to be able to read the book again once I get it back!!

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