Thursday, January 19, 2006

Age of Empires III

Just read the newspapers and there i saw it - Age of Empires III being released!

I was introduced to AOE II by my male friends from University. It is something like Command & Conquer, but this took place during ancient times. I have always liked to play games with historical themes (Caesar III, Zeus, Civilisations) so this was another exciting game for me to pass my time.

I liked playing AOE II during my university days, but I always play the beginner's level because I make sure my city is being organised neatly. What a shock when i played with my friend online. While i was busy decorating the houses, he's already created a castle and shooting down my villagers! It will take me hours just to finish my game, for I don't have enough military, and usually will only win via building a Wonder. I do not like playing islands, becasue I do not like building ships (they take up a lot of resources, and it's very sad to see them burning, burning, then it drowns). If possible, i will try to use priests to convert the enenies, but sometimes the enemies have powerful shamans too.

I guess I should play more Caesar III than AOE since it's all about building your civilisation without having to conquer others. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the game very much. My other favourite would be the cheatcode Photonman! They look like lab men in white suits and laser guns. Kills off enemies like stamping on ants. Great to attack them with a vengeance! I remember one of them turned against me though when he was converted to join the enemy!! That was a painful lesson!! Ouch!!

Anyways, heard Caesar IV will be released this year too. New games!! Woohoo!!

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