Monday, April 17, 2006

It's about the balls

our company organised its annual family day @ sunway lagoon on the 15th of april 2006. everyone in the club committee (including yours truly) worked hard to ensure that this event went as smoothly as possible.

post mortem : the family day was considered a HUGE success!! everyone had fun (well, almost everyone) and in particular, everyone wanted a beach ball.

kudos to the person who came up with the idea of a beach ball. it's just a simple blue and white inflatable ball (what other colour would it be ??? - considering the company i work for) with an inflatable dolphin inside.

something so simple, yet created so much waves.

everyone loves 'em. everyone wants 'em.

the sunway lagoon pools were just filled with blue and white beach balls. we even had citibank folks (who coincidentally had their family day there too) asking for more beach balls. No way, man......

morale of the story : you wanna have a beach party? just thrown in beach balls. they are flexible, do not discriminate, high tolerance to abuse, fun to play with,easier to hook up with, and definitely provides cheaper entertainment than hiring sexy dancers in bikinis :-)


chwiny said...

Too bad I missed it. Sounds really fun!!

nileey said...

yeah - but don't worry, i'm sure we will have more events coming up :-)