Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Pianist

Visiting the flea market at the Curve after some personal errands has somehow become a weekly routine for me. Usually I will just walk through the marketplace, and then leave.

Today, my schedule was slightly different. I need to walk to Tesco to get something for my mum. To get to Tesco, I need to walk through the shopping complex itself.

Somewhere between the Giordano and U2 shop, I noticed - for the first time - a pianist.

He was on the Grand Piano, playing songs, and smiling. A very small crowd gathered around him, mostly ladies and children. After he played each piece, the children will clap excitedly, and he will smile and adknowledge the young audience. Then he continued again with another piano piece.

It then struck me - Sometimes, being a pianist isn't all just a job. It is about the passion.

He's passionate about music.

I doubt his task meant to have any audience at all, but there was an audience, even though they are just children. As long someone enjoys the music, i'm sure he will be very happy.

It brings me back to the days when i took up piano lessons. I remember one of my teachers is so passionate about music, she even conducted music appreciation classes, to expose us to all sorts of music : classical, modern, baroque, romantic etc.

I never did really understand and enjoy those lessons, probably i come from a background where piano lessons leads to more exams, and most of the pieces i'm playing are always the classical pieces.

Looking back, I think i was too focused on exams to even enjoy playing the piano. I think if I had a second chance, I would take piano lessons from a different perspective, and to truly enjoy it. I would be more adventurous to try out new pieces, and take up more challenging songs.

Anyway, it's too late now. I can't even play a full scale without having my fingers all knotted, though i can still remember my do-re-mis.

Side Note : Seeing Hyun Bin playing 'Over the Rainbow' in Kim Sam Soon just makes my heart melt......The scene when Jun Ji Hyun plays Pachelbel's Canon while Cha Tae Hyun walks down with the rose in My Sassy Girl is just so touching......

If I have the chance one day, and if the pianist is there when I am at the Curve, I will take 5 minutes to stand there and share his joy and passion of playing the piano. I will take time to appreciate the piano, and its wonders, once again.


ChinoDevean said...

you should watch "The Pianist" (2004)..Adam Brody plays Polish pianist stuck in the middle of WWII. Based on a true story of survival and passion for music, and apparently the real fella got an international reputation and passed away 10yrs ago. ya, and i gotta pick up my guitar again too, got a whopping 1.6GB new music in my com after exams!!

chilipadicello said...

yups the movie is based on the book that the actual pianist wrote - will pass it to SY if you'd like to read it. ya know, it's never too late to start playing again, step by little step, as long as you can rediscover your passion. take care!