Thursday, April 06, 2006

Web Savvy......Not!!!!!

I wish I've taken up programming or web editing or something like that. My blog looks very plain and dull.

Quite shy coz a lot of people knows how to create their own template coz they actually have their own homepage (i guess it's really got to do with being exposed to the WWW since young).

One day, one day - maybe my template will change.....IF if have the time!!!!


TheMiddleChild said...

you can learn....i get sooo excited when i add links to my blog and i have to change the templates and stuff...ohhh and i added a counter to my page...i learnt how to do tat too !!!!

nileey said...

cool! i want to learn the counter too....but i am more interested in creating my own template....somehow i prefer your original template...dunno why...