Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Maniac Cycle of Depression

I've been working really late hours for the past three weeks, and beginning to feel so tired and demotivated.

I'm stuck in a maniac cycle of depression. I get out of it one day, but slip back after a couple of days......I can't get used to my new role and I don't like it......I don't like how I will be judged after this month because everyone expects me to be able to do it, and what will happen if I don't meet that expectation?

You work for the company, they pay you well if you do good. They penalise you if you don't, and there's nothing you can do about it, because you are nothing but an WORKER. They know you need them to survive. What about emotions? Feelings? That we are all human after all?

Does it even matter to the company or its management???

The company is not even human, but we are the slaves to it, because it provides our bread and butter. Management are like farmers, trying their best to train their herd to produce the best for the company. And then the people who owns it gets rich and buy big houses and cars.

Now why do i feel like a guinea pig, or maybe a cow in a huge farm????

Is it time for a change? I'll give myself until end of this year to assess the wind blowing at my direction.

Meanwhile, time to get back to work......sigh......


javatia said...

I can't believe how similar our blog posts are! Isn't that slightly scary?

chwiny said...

Welcome to the world of reality!! I can't picture myself as a worker for the rest of my life. Let's save up enough capital to do business...

Ewen said...

wow.....a bit the