Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Same topic, different response

Yesterday, I had two of my friends working in the same company telling me that they resigned.

One joined less than three weeks, the other about four months.

The one who joined less than three weeks said she loved the culture and flexibility, which i certainly do not deny as well. It's just due to certain circumstances she had to leave.

The other said the company and its people are fine, but she do find the work can be stressful.

Then both made a remark in reference to my five years in the company.

The first one told me, "No wonder you stayed in the company for so long"

The second one said, "Really pui fook (respect) you for being able to work so long in this company"

What gives?


chwiny said...

Me misses TP...Sigh!!

TheMiddleChild said...

i was only there for 3 years (touching 3 lar)...i don miss it though...maybe u shd try leaving and see if u miss it...can always go back mar...