Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Three Stupid Cats

About a year ago, I visited my aunt who lived in a low-rise apartment.

That time, there was this tabby cat that lived on the roof of the lowest unit. If you peer down from the common area balcony, you would see her and her three kittens. The kittens were very adorable, and the tabby cat is very caring towards her kittens, which I thought was very natural (the maternal instinct and stuff)

Just a few days ago, we visited my aunt and her family again. Well, guess what? The three kittens are still there!! Only now they are more grown-up but quite skinny. They still look adorable, but according to my aunt, they are stupid cats, because until now their mum still takes care of them, and they can't climb over the balcony like the tabby cat. My uncle used to take pity of them and feed the cats daily, but now looking at how dependable they become, he has to stop. Worse, the tabby cat is pregnant again.

Because my uncle stopped feeding them, the tabby cat has to source food from the nearby rubbish dump, and she brings food up to her kittens. How caring! But now the children are not streetwise anymore and so dependant on their mother to feed them. I can't imagine how she will treat them once she has given birth to her new litter. I wish the three cats good luck and hope they will grow up soon and not be so stupid.

Perhaps a kind soul would care to adopt them? They are really adorable....(wishful thinking)

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