Saturday, June 10, 2006



Who doesn't have them?

Apart from my perpetual work backlog, there's this one more backlog which i'm just itching to clear off - watching TV.

Not just TV to be exact, but the emerging piles of series in DVD that I have bought or borrowed over time.

After borrowing Buffy Season 5 from a collegue early this year, I had only managed to finish it two weeks ago.

This is the remaining list that i needed to clear :

- The O.C Season 1 & 2 (borrowed December 2005, only started last week)
- Winter Sonata (borrowed Feb 2006, haven't started)
- Lovers in Prague (bought Feb 2006, haven't started)
- Goong/Princess Hours (bought last week, already started)
- My Girl (bought last week, haven't started)
- Spring Day (borrowed Mid-May, haven't started)
- Phoenix (downloaded 2005, watched only 2 episodes since)

Wah......that's really a lot to clear!!! My plan now is to watch one episode of Goong and the O.C every day, if not, then watch at least either one.....once I can even finish that, then I'll tackle Winter Sonata....wonder when will that happen......

How to even think of watching Lost????


javatia said...

I've been alternating between House MD and Numb3rs for the past week or two. You have to make the time! kekeke :)

nileey said...

yeah man, my plan now is at least one hour of tv each night, and have to be before any world cup matches!!!