Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blogging progression

A certain hippo-loving person read my earlier posts and exclaimed "They are bimbo blogs!!"

Actually, during my earlier attempts to even write a blog, I never knew bimbo blogs exist.

Ironically, when I first started out, I hoped I won't start writing things like :

"Today I went for a manicure. My nails look so lovely now. Should I do a pedicure too?"

"I went to the hair salon today. Decided to colour my hair and do rebonding. I think the hairdresser did a great job."

"I need to lose weight. The fruit diet ain't working."

"Went clubbing at Zouk again. Saw this skinny girl who was wearing the same Gucci pants I bought last week. How dare she??!!!"

Looking back, luckily I didn't really deviated to those topics too much, but it also triggered me on the progression of my blogs.

Initially I restrict myself too much on what to write on my blog, so much so I ended up with nothing to write about, except for some cute toy, or nice dress, or my dream phone. Then I ended up not blogging anymore, till recently.

Now I still write pretty much mou-liu stuff (i think), but i feel more at ease now with blogging. Of course I still avoid certain 'sensitive' topics, coz I don't want that to be part of my memory, my 'sphere'.

I guess it'll come naturally, once you are comfortable with your blog, anything goes.

To the sheep-loving person, I foresee you have plenty of blog potential, so DON'T GIVE UP!!!

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