Saturday, June 03, 2006

Of Friends and Memories

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."

I hoard a lot of stuff. Movie tickets, print ads, magazine articles, greeting cards, toys etc etc.....

Usually when I spring-clean my room, I will usually just open the boxes to glance at what i have, and to add new stuff to what I already had. It's been a while since I've emptied the boxes to see what's inside.

Today I took out one blue Reebok shoe box, which contained greeting cards I received throughout my years. I originally meant to just put in some new cards i into it, but decided to empty the box and look through its contents.

There were so many cards I had : birthday, chinese new year, christmas, valentine's day, friendship, graduation etc......there were also gift tags, self-made cards and postcards from friends who went abroad.

As I slowly opened and read each card, the memories were slowly coming back. Most of my cards were during my high school, college and university days (way before the internet came about). There were photos of Jason,his pet hamster Bernard and his visit to NY ; Aileen's happy shots in Adelaide ; Li-Ren's crazy cards; beautiful tags made by Hsien Ling; my birthday card from the Ultimo 'Pervert Pig' gang; self-made Christmas cards by my very creative cousins; I even had two of the same birthday cards by my family (which i never realised until now)!! Some of them managed to find cards with turtles/tortoises on them, which made me very happy indeed.

I realised these are all memories, which I can't go back to any more. I have already lost touch with most of my friends. Some of them have gotten married, some have found new opportunities in new countries and continents. I tried to keep in touch as much as can, but I guess my excuse is always 'too tired' or 'too lazy' or 'very busy'. My circle of friends is now very small, and i know now how important it is to maintain friendship with the people you love so much. Some of the opportunity i have wasted, and I hope i will have a second chance, if i'm given one. For those new friendship that i make, I will try to keep them as much as I could. I'm not a person who can befriend just about anybody, but I do cherish friendship very much, and that box just reignite my desire to write to my long-lost friends. If all goes well, I hope to hear from some of them......I am truly grateful to have met all my friends, whichever time it may be...

My boyfriend once said he can live on his own. I disagree now. No man is an island. I'm sure there is a reason why God made friends, and I shall not let this opportunity go to waste again.

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." - Charles Caleb Colton

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chwiny said...

I guess we're all sentimental..I keep shoeboxes full of em too...however have been much lazier than you, spring cleaning seemed like decades ago.