Friday, June 30, 2006

On the verge towards insanity......

This will probably be my last post - at least for the next two weeks - before I will face the unpredictable tsunami ahead of me (a.k.a quarter closing supporting a new role and region on my own).

I was told the next two weeks will be my opportunity to either shine in front of the big people who will determine my career path, or just screw it all up. The stress is already building up, and I can feel my evil twin Skippy emerging from its shadows.

Some random thoughts to savour before I transform into a lunatic :

WISH - There is such a device called the contract review machine. Feed in the contract and it will tell you the financial impact and other stuff that i'm supposed to work on.

FANTASISE - go on a 9 month holiday in Europe with loads of money to spend.

HOPE - Javatia and Chern are feeling alright. They were so under the weather just now.

PLAN - Go shopping for gift & cards over the weekend with my bf.

REGRET - not spending enough time with God.

THINK - I am avoiding someone? But why?

PRAY - For a smooth 2Q'06 closing.

DECISION - To work or to sleep. I choose the latter.

1 comment:

ChinoDevean said...

OK, will pray for you. At least you'll have a 2 wk break around boring England haha. You're always so busy with work that I can't tell just exactly what is 'busy' and what is 'tsunami'.