Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuck in the lift

I've been stuck in the lift before countless times.

Then again, my definition of 'stuck' goes like this :

Get into lift. Door shuts. Lift suddenly shakes or bounces. All floor buttons goes unlit. Lights still on. People pressing the Open button. Suddenly the lift moves again. Door opens. People rush out to take another lift.

Two days ago, my collegue and I went down to get some boxes to pack our stuff. We got the boxes and took the lift up again. The minute the door closed, the lift started shaking, and the lights went off. Suddenly the door opened, and then we can see that we were stuck in between floors, coz what's facing us is the wall, which looked kinda eerie. Then the door closed again. There was slight movement, but then later everything was still. The ventilation was turned off and lights were very dimly lit (emergency lights I presume).

There were six of us altogether. For a while were were stunned. Then we tried pressing the alarm......and guess what? The alarm won't work!!!! At first it went like 'Ring.....Ring....' but after a while the ringing died and became 'krkrkrkrr.......krkrkrkrkr......'. It's so pathetic!!!!

I regretted not bringing out my handphone. The other few people stuck in the lift were calling their collegues/clients. Some must have thought we were playing a prank, for I heard someone replied "I'm not kidding! Stop laughing! Please help get security.....". Then someone spoke throuh the lift PA system for a while, asking if anyone there. All he could tell us was help was on the way.

After eight minutes later, someone from outside tried to open the door for us. But what he did was just to open it a little bit and tell us "Tunggu sekejap lagi" (wait a while).......sigh.....Lucky no one there panicked and made a scene, but we were all getting restless.

After ten minutes later, suddenly the lights were back again, and the door opened!!! We rushed out immediately to find the security guy checking on the lifts. Seems he didn't know we were stuck!!!! So who's the person telling us to "wait a while" *shrudder......*

It seemed that we got stuck in the lift at the time there was a power cut around the neighbourhood. People were wondering where did my collegue and I go during that time......err....we were stuck in the lift?

Which reminds me, I need to bring along my handphone whenever I take the lift......coz the alarms won't work!!!!


ChinoDevean said...

at least you got stuck in the lift with other ppl la..not so scary. No thx to action movies, but lifts are fail-safe where every floor has a brake, so a lift would not drop more than 2 floors. Now, taking alift after midnight is scary, thx to The Eye.

nileey said...

i am not so scared if the lift falling down, more of my imagination running wild, where the door opens and you see something from The Eye, or Ju-Onn in front of you. Which is another reason why I don't watch horror movies.