Sunday, July 16, 2006

A fantastic weekend

After two weeks of madness @ work and packing to shift to the new office, I finally had my own weekend again!! It was a very fantastic weekend indeed......

Getting Back in-Control
After packing my stuff on Friday, I took half day leave, and headed of to my usual hairdresser for a much needed haircut. The newly refurbished salon looks much nicer now, especially they did away with that smoking section.

Everytime I get a haircut, I feel like I'm having some of control of my life. You see, my hair always misbehave, and so hard to control it. So the last three months my hair just grew out of shape, and I so badly needed it to be cut, but just didn't have the time to do so. Somehow, seeing my hair in such a bad shape affects me psychogically. I just feel like my life is totally out of control, and it didn't help when I just took over this new role, and having to juggle both work and club activities all at one go, and wanted to do both of them well.

My hairstylist knows what I need, and snipped off two inches of my locks. Next, hair treatment time. The new treatment room (complete with Enya music) creates a very relaxing atmosphere, I felt like dozing off. The service is also very good that day, as there weren't that many customers. After 3 hours, my hair is neat and soft, and I feel very happy that I have regain control over my hair again. I guess the feeling is similar to those people who just cleans their room/cutlery/clothes every other day, for they feel like they will be out of control if they see something so out of place in their life.

Finding Neverland
A few of us uni-mates gathered @ Chillis for dinner on Saturday. By the time we stuffed ourselves with Awesome Blossom, fatijas, pasta, salmon, right up to the chocolate mud pie, we were basically just, stuffed. It was great chatting and catching up with all of them. After dinner, Fei Kei + wife + baby had to leave as it's bedtime for baby. The remaining five of us proceeded to the bowling alley.

Amazingly, we were put on a waiting list, so we decided to head for the arcade coz the guys were very excited upon seeing an arcade in a shopping mall. We played some of the mou-liu multiplayer games like Bishibusha (or something like that) and had a good laugh coz none of us could understand the instructions in Korean. We then noticed that the patrons are all so young....or was it us who's too old to play arcade games???

Lucky for us, when we got back to the bowling alley, there was an empty lane for us. Four of us played two games. The first game was one of my best ever, having a total score of 120,with 1 strike and 2 spares (my bowling skills is really pathetic). It was a personal best for Tham too, having beaten his personal best of 60 with an amazing new highscore of 100!! But that was after having his bowler ID changed to 'Tham Idiot' by Ms. Wai during the second game...hahaha......

All in all, we all had a good time. In fact, it felt like we were in college, or university again......I wonder when will our next makan session be?

Excess Baggage
Cleaning my room has become somewhat a ritual after every quarter. I'll just rummage through my drawers/files/closet/boxes for things to discard. It feels good, not because of i'm taking control over my life (unlike the hair saga) but I know I have some extra space now to cater for future junk :-p

This time my closet took the biggest hit. I cleared out a fair number of shirts/skirts/tees/jackets, as well as planning to dispose of 3 pairs of shoes!!! Unfortunately, after clearing some space, I still have so much clothes so I don't think I'll be shopping for more......except for a pair of sports shoes, since I'm planning to throw my old ones away. I'm glad I finally decided to discard those old stuff though, being holding on to them for quite a while already. After this, I'm going to take out my 'treasure chest' and put in those appreciatation cards given by my fellow collegues :-)

It's just a simple weekend, but I really enjoyed it somehow. It's going to be madness again on Monday when all of us will be at the new office to UNPACK!!!

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