Thursday, July 20, 2006

Four Daze @ The New Place

Day 1

Got out from new dusty basement carpark, to find a very long queue to get into office. Apparently only two lifts were functioning, and the security guard strictly allowed 10 people only into the lift.

Got off the lift, greeted by purple sofa and milo machine. Found my place and boxes everywhere. Got sparkling juice courtesy of the company. Yay!

Logged on to find my outstanding 200 mails still not cleared over the weekend. Only less than 10 new emails, which was a good thing. Started off looking for my 15 boxes. Found some of them. Emptied files. Desk and drawers not arranged.

After lunch, proceeded to look for the remaining boxes. Found some at the other end of the building. New mails still remained less than 10. Very good. The seat is not too comfy, need to adjust.

Emptied remaining boxes. Got squashed by the compactor once. Almost tripped over carpet once while carrying a box. Once I cleared all my boxes, arranged my drawers and table stuff. Cursed when the file cabinet wouldn't close properly.

Got bored. Decided to check out the reception area at another level. Got lost somehow. Panicked coz I didn't bring out my handphone. Lucky managed to find my way back. Mental note to self : bring along my handphone in future.

Late evening, drawers arranged, file cabinet tamed, table half arranged (will bring my deco stuff on Tuesday). Checked mail again. About 10 new emails now. Can start working, but too darn tired. Decided to try the new meeting room reservation system. Confused for the first time coz I actually got rejected by the system for booking a room!! Tried again and got it right. Phew!

Browsed through the choice of ringtones for my phone. Thought the saxaphone one sounds a bit too sexy. Stuck with something very boring instead. Still trying to adjust the seating position. Decided to go home and sleep coz too tired.

Day 2

Again, I had to wait for the lift for quite a while. Came in and checked email. 200 outstanding + 10 on Monday + 0 on Tuesday??? Amazing. I can live with that.

Opened up my goodie bag and started decorating my desk. End result is very satisfying. Still stuck with uncomfortable sitting position. Perhaps my legs were too short. Started clearing my email. By lunch time, I was down to 178 mails in my inbox.

Bumped into javatia during lunch time. Accompanied her to buy pencilbox. She chose mouse, but I still like the arrogant bear. I bought a set of 10 colour pens for RM29.00 (it's RM2.90 per pen, which I thought was ok, although javatia thought I was nuts). The colours were lovely though.

Continued clearing email. Down to 116 now, with a few new emails to go. Office suddenly became very very cold. Countless trips to the lounge for hot drinks, and to the toilet too. Mental note to self : to bring my jacket on Wednesday coz the shawl wasn't warm enough.

End of Tuesday : My outstanding list now down to 49 emails in the inbox. Woo-Hoo!!!

Day 3

Was very late to office. No need to fight for the lift, which was a good thing. Try to sneak into office as quietly as possible. I noticed that this new concept is so open, one tends to feel very self conscious. If you talk loudly, people can see and hear you. If you come in late, people will see you. Mental note to self : need to be more punctual next time.

Checked mail, less than 10 new ones (I am lovin' it!). However, need to prepare for telecon @ 1:30 pm.

OFFICE IS FREAKIN COLD!!! I wore my trustworthy maroon wool cardigen, but I was still shivering. Contemplating to bring gloves the next time around. Attempted to work under extreme (air)conditions.

Lunch time! I bought ham and lettuce from the supermarket yesterday, gonna make myself a healthy ham sandwich. Since the ham is still cold, need to reheat it. Had to queue up to use the non-halal microwave oven. Had to fight for a table and chairs along the balcony. Had to bear the heat and dust outside and the ants all over while having my lunch. But I think I prefer the heat to the cold, only thing was that the wool cardigen began to make my skin itch.

Telecon time. Fiddled with the spaceship-lookalike telephone device for the first time. It looked like a cross between a starfish and something from Star Trek. The meeting room wasn't so cold (lucky!!)

The office was still freezing, so decided to follow my collegue to leave earlier (about 6.40pm). Last mail count before leaving office : 56 mail (inclusive of new emails today). Will try to clear more from home.

Day 4
Somehow was still late again, but not as late as day 3. They had some taxi welcoming party outside. Not many taxis outside though.

Had another telecon. The discussion room wasn't so cold, probably there were seven of us huddled in a small room. Tried to work later, but it was too cold. The heavy rain during lunch time didn't help the situation :-(

I realised that the aircond is so cold, it really felt like I was in Genting, with my sweater and jeans. Only thing missing was the casino. Was really tempted to work at the balcony outside, not sure if they had wireless or not though.

There was a board which allowed us to provide feedback to improve the situation. One interesting suggestion was to hire pest control as there were ants, cockroaches (!!) and mice (??) Scary.

While waiting for my collegue to send me back, I tried out the purple sofa at the lounge. It was plesantly comfy. The lounge isn't so cold too. Maybe I could work there as an alternative.

Today was a much productive day, probably I had hot water to keep me company, and feeling a bit moody 'helped' too. Overall, I survived the day, having around 43 mails in my inbox by the end of the day. (having cleared most of them today)

I'm taking a break from the office tomorrow. I'm starting to settle down at my new place. Happy to be able to tackle that side cabinet too (finally!!) Hopefully things will be more in place next week. And would someone fix that darn air-cond???


javatia said...

I thought it was just my floor! It's freaking iceberg-making-kinda-cold @ the new hq! Luckily I have the old plaza to alternate with. At the old plaza, it feels like a haunted building, so deserted, except for the random stan chart staff walking by...ekekeke...

ChinoDevean said...

Eh, make up your mind bout the banner! A Muji (popular brand here) mech pencil costs 4.50 pounds wei! And the stupid Hongkies like to buy branded stuff like that. I've never heard bout a non-halal microwave! Die la..think of times I heat up food bought by colleagues, and a Muslim colleague using it afterwards. Something wrong with me here, the summer weather has been Malaysia temperature and everybody's screaming and ripping their clothes off, but I relax aje, actually feel 'cooling' these days..becoming cold-blooded animal no doubt.

lili said...

YEAh!! The air-cond is DARN FREAKING COLLdd.d.DD!!! 2 days out of the office hopefully helps a fresh week ahead (I doubt)..from my sitting position, it was BAD as I can hear the aircond air blowing.."WOoo..." even with my headphone and blaring music drumming into my head. I am goin to be a SNOWWOMAN soon..hahahah!!

As for the telecon, haha..tell me about it. U handled that starfish thingy phone least to me =). I probably don't even know what to do with it. It looks more like a Tripod to me minus the amputated legs..waKAkaka!!