Tuesday, July 04, 2006


She stood by the edge of the field, admiring the clear blue sky, the endless horizon ahead of her. The cool morning breeze caressed gently against her skin. She closed her eyes. This is so blissful, she thought to herself.

She tried to move. Alas, her feet were chained to the ground. She had forgotten about that. The sorrow returned. There's so much more to enjoy and explore, but she had to be admiring it from afar.

Then she remembered. There were two balloons on her left hand. One of them baby pink, and the other purple. Both were her favourite colours.

She can't remember how long she has had those balloons. It was as if they were there for a long time, but nothing changed. She looked around again. Nothing had changed since the day she was at the field.

How did I ended up here, she wondered. There was no one else, not even a person, or an animal, or even an insect. Just her, the balloons, the field and the sky.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

Holding up the balloons, she made a wish, and released them to the sky.

Slowly, the balloons floated higher and higher, till suddenly they are no longer seen, as if someone just reached out and took them in.

She looked up to the sky where the balloons disappeared, hopeful that the Messenger up there will receive her wish. Maybe her wish will be granted.

All she wanted is to be free.

photo credits : DeviantArt


javatia said...

can i *pop* the balloons? pls pls pls?

Finding Hippo said...

Hmmm... is this a metaphor for something more than just balloons?

Perhaps she should enjoy the grass, the breeze, the scenery - nothing ever stays the same forever. If one is looking for sorrow and doubt even when there are none to be had, then she will definitely find it.

Everyone has a chain; the harder you resist, the tighter the leash, the deeper the mark.

Happiness is the little wind that ruffles the meadow, and is the perfume of the wildflowers hidden in the grass.

nileey said...

She can't remember why the chains are there. She can't even remember the chains are there in the first place. Sometimes it's better to forgot the painful bits. Makes life easier to pass by.

And yes, the wind.It's sheer bliss to be enjoying the wind at the meadows. It would be better if she could be out there, with her balloons, probably a kite or even a paper plane.