Monday, July 31, 2006

Korean Actors

In recent years, Korean entertainment - dramas in particular - has hit several Asian countries like a plague. Although the Hallyu "Korean Wave" has died down a little here (although the Koreans like to think otherwise), there are still many K-dramas being shown on TV. I would like to introduce my favourite Korean actors, who are part of the reason why I still watch Korean dramas :-p

The Boyish Charm

Name : Won Bin
DOB : 29 Sept 1977
Drama : Autumn in my Heart
Movie : My Brother (2005); Taegukgi (2004); Sympathy (2001); Guns & Talks (2001)

I rarely watch dramas of any kind, but he singled-handedly transformed me to start watching Korean dramas when Autumn in my Heart was aired on TV a few years ago. I've also 'converted' some of my fellow collegues to watch korean drama too because of his boyish looks and sweet charm. He had lost that boyish charm now, but is still very good-looking nevertheless.

His most notable performance, apart from Autumn, is his potrayal of the young brother forced to go to war in the 2004 blockbuster Taegukgi. After that he disappeared temparory from the entertainment scene do fulfill his military service. He volunteered and was given the Border Guard unit post to patrol the fence separating the two Koreas. He was reportedly discharged from military service in June 2006, due to a knee injury.

He appeared in ads promoting LG Cyon mobile phones.

The Smiley One

Name : Kim Rae Won
DOB : 19 March 1981
Drama : My Love Patzi; Attic Cat; Love Story in Harvard; Which Star Are You From?
Movie : ...Ing; Mr. Socrates; My Little Bride; Plum Blossom

His charismatic smile is just so captivating while watching My Love Patzi. I also like his protrayal of the mischevious student in Attic Cat, as well as the groom who was forced to marry Moon Geun Young in My Little Bride.

However, it was his protrayal of the student whose innocence is lost when he courts an elder woman in Plum Blossom that got him the Blue Dragon Best New Actor award. I have never seen this movie before, mainly due to it being very "arthouse" in nature. I have not seen ...Ing as well, but heard it was very good.

His endorsement so far is with Korean clothing company Clride (with Im Soo Jung).

The Body Perfect

Name : Kwon Sang Woo
DOB : 5 Aug 1976
Drama : Stairway to Heaven; Into the Sun ; Sad Sonata
Movie : My Tutor Friend; Running Wild; Almost Love; Project X; Maljuk; Divine Love

Ah, my favourite. Ironically I saw him first on the Korean comedy My Tutor Friend. He was voted as having the 'best body' in Korea a few years back, and, in my opinion, still is. His career high point is possibly during Stairway to Heaven. Although I dispise the co-star Choi Ji Woo, but I still watch the drama because of him. His two recent movies Divine Love and Almost Love didn't do too well in the Korean box-office. Hopefully I'll get to see him in a drama soon.

He endorses the cosmetic brand The Face Shop, which is currently in MidValley Megamall. Others include Samsung Anycall mobile phones.

The Half-Korean

Name : Daniel Henney
DOB : 28 Nov 1979
Drama : My Name is Kim Sam Soon; Spring Waltz

Being Korean but able to speak other languages gives you the edge in Korea. Being half Korean, and looking this good is another matter altogether. A virtual unknown (other than being Maggie Q's boyfriend) My Name is Kim Sam Soon propelled Daniel Henney to instant stardom in Korea. And he didn't even needed to speak Korean!!

Although his acting skills is questionable, one can just forgive him when he flashes that smile. Plus, he managed to get into so many Korean advertisements, including Olympus (with Jeon Ji-Hyun), LG Cyon and Beanpole (with Gwyneth Paltrow).

The Metrosexual

Name : Hyun Bin
DOB : 25 Sept 1982
Drama : My Name is Kim Sam Soon; Ireland
Movie : A Millionaire's First Love

If Kim Sam Soon lacks a pretty female lead, the producers can be forgiven for casting two good looking male stars instead. Although he's relatively new in the movie industry, he's a promising star, provided he doesn't get caught in the movie stereotype trap.

Even so, he's already snagged a LG Cyon contract (with Daniel Henney). Hopefully I'll see more of him in future.

Here's a picture of both Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney getting wasted....

There are still so many more noteworthy actors, but I'll see if I wanna cover them next time......

Photo credits : From various sources, but mainly from Julian Jeung's site......thanks!


ChinoDevean said...

won bin: sympathy?? apa tu?

rae won: so likeable ah this fella, is very good! (prob bcuz got im soo jung in it)

for now, my fave korean dudes are Choi Min-Shik, Song Kang-Ho and Hwang Jeong-min. Of course I couldn't care less how they look. In a surprise find, they all acted in Shiri!! need to watch that again..

btw just watched Cars in the fave Pixar movie, I like it even more than Nemo, simply amazing animation and so funny! Esp the toppling tractors haha. And the Pixar spoofs at the start of the credits. Great great Pixar.

nileey said...

ya, the tractors were stupid, but funny.

I may cover some other notable korean actors, not necessarily for their looks, but later la...