Sunday, July 16, 2006

Made by Mother Nature

My aunt got this for us from her hometown in Raub.

Take a guess what is this, and what's it made of......

It's actually a loofah (a rough plant used to scrub the body while washing)

The part I'm amazed is that this loofah is actually a sun-dried fuzzy melon!!

Not sure what melon is this, but according to my dad, they are just old melons left to slowly dry till what's left is the fibre, which then is harvested and sold as loofah.

If you take it up and observe it against the light, you can actually see the strip of black seeds still in the melon itself......I had to do that coz i'm skeptical that this piece of thing is actually a melon!!!

First, cow mature as a source of fuel, now dried melons as loofah. What's next?

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