Friday, July 28, 2006

No more bird

Recently there was this Visa ad being played in the cinemas. It showed a young Indian girl who wanted to buy some birds for her brother's safe journey. She bumped into Richard Gere on her way. The girl wanted to buy five birds, but only had enought money to buy one. Richard overheard the conversation, then using his Visa card, he bought all the birds secretly. The final scene showed the girl releasing the bird from its cage, but ended up with many birds in the sky. She looked at Richard Gere, who pretended nothing happened.

Just now I found this podcast called No More Bird via someone's blog. The creators Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi simply spoofed the entire ad, right up to its background music.

They reminded me of the 'Why you so like that?' song during the nineties. It's totally hilarious!!

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ChinoDevean said...

"..dan eh see lang ang moh gah wa beh ka liao liao!"

HAHAHAHAHAHHA..."stupid grey hair"