Thursday, July 13, 2006


Just finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean II (on the company) before the rest of the Malaysians (excluding those who bought the pirated dvd of course).

I'm pretty numb to American popcorn movies now. Everything is like an amusement ride. Make sure you keep the audience entertained with roller-coaster scenes and CGI animated battle scenes and you are all good. All in all, I was entertained, so that's a good thing :-)

The Kraken was pretty cool, although i was expecting more compared to Octopus tentacles.

I thought the concept of the compass was interesting too. What if you have a device like the compass, that will lead you to what you heart most desire? Would you ever find what you are looking for?

And I believe only Johnny Depp can pull off the character like Captain Jack.

Pirates 3, anyone?

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lili said...

Naa...aa.!! I didn't like to Octopus looking creature too..yuCK yucKK yuCKK!! Wonder if I can eat squid famiy anymore..