Friday, July 28, 2006

Shopaholic on the loose

It's only one week since the Mega Sale started, and I'm already broke!!!

I only 'officially' went shopping for 2 days at 3 shopping malls, and these were the things I purchased :

1) 1 pair of wool blended pants (needed it coz the new office is cold, 30% discount)
2) 1 pair of sport shoes (to replace the other two which were already worn out, 20% discount)
3) 2 knitted tops (coz they were on sale......50% discount wor...)
4) 1 camisole (to replace the old one I had, and it's 50% discount too)
5) 1 shirt (coz it's just too nice, 30% discount)
6) 2 baby tees (for the gym, no discount)
7) 1 pair of high heels (guilty of impulse purchase, but it was so nice and comfy, no discount)
8) Various mask sheets and mask packs from the two Korean cosmetic shops around town (coz I simply love trying out their products, no discount)
9) Underthings (basic necessity, 50% discount)

I also almost got myself a pair of Crocs shoes, but 'lucky' for me, the shop did not have the model I wanted, so saved myself some $$.

This could possibly my worst record ever as I have never spent so much $$ in such a short frame of time before.....sigh, I can be such a shopaholic!!! But looking back, I do need some of those items......(still trying to think of a reason to justify item 7.....)

1 comment:

Ewen said...

no, but those damn croc must not cross to the dark side.