Saturday, July 29, 2006

What will you do in 2.5 million years?

"I can't give you my heart, yet you keep looking for me,"


"There's a saying that stars have a reason to die, and so do humans. For 2.5 million years.

When those 2.5 million years have passed, they say that you might even meet the people you know again."

"So we might even meet again."

"But just in case you even meet me again in 2.5 million years, run away from me. Don't even pretend to know me. Just go away from me. I'll do that too."

"Why do I have to do that?"

"I may be leaving his side right now, but......I think in 2.5 million years, I will still love him."

*Edit - This conversation is inspired by one segment of Korean drama Goong *


ChinoDevean said...

why 2.5 million years??

love is timeless.

nileey said...

was trying to capture a Goong moment......she was comparing it to the stars.

Goong link :