I wanna be an idol

With all those talent/reality shows come and gone, searching for the next best singer is still one of the popular genre. We had American Idol, Malaysian Idol, Project Superstar, Astro Talent Quest, Akedami Fantasia, Rockstar, Popstars etc etc etc.

Ask any kid what they wanna be when they grow up, and don't be surprised if their answer is "I wanna be an Idol! "

I reckon it is very easy to join a singing competation because all it takes is a great voice, confidence your own style. (Being good looking has its advantage as well).

Our company recently had their own Idol audition. There were 34 participants, and I really applaud them all for taking up the challenge to perform in front of their fellow collegues. There were, of course, the naturally talented, and some not quite - but i assumed that all of them were probably very nervous.

I was certainly awed with my dear collegue Mr Chen who (after so much persuasion) decided to take part in the audition. He sang 黄昏 over a live concert VCD minus-1, and I thought he did a very good job. There was also this auntie who sang an oldie 第二春 and gotten our HR manager (who was also one of the judges) eating out of her hand. Our department Idol impressed everyone with her rendition of Kris Diyanti's Menghitung Hari. For those who just sang so wonderfully, sometimes I wished I can sing like them.

Do I wish to be an idol? I'm certainly not dreaming to be one, since I can't sing. Sadly, I can count my visits to the karaoke with my 10 fingers. It's the conciousness that just prevents me from having fun in the K. Perhaps I should even lower my expectations. If I can sing like one of those not to great participants, I'll be thankful as well. If I really wanna be an idol, I would want to be someone like Kelly Clarkson. She is certainly my favourite Idol. Such a pity they did not air American Idol Season 1 over her in Malaysia. Meanwhile, I can just continue to dream away......