What is life without imagination?

I simply can't imagine.

What exactly is imagination? I would personally define it as forming of pictures and stories in the mind. I'm not sure if this is due to a hyperactive mind or not, but it certainly beats a dead mind.

Say life is like a TV show. Without imagination, what you'll probably see is just something black and white.

Imagination would add some colour to the TV show, to make it more interesting.

I'd like to have some colour in my life.

Already it's bad enough I have a deskjob where everything is routine (actually, it's not so routine now compared to previous years). What more, the last trait that should be associated with an accountant is that of creative accounting. Co-incidentally, part of my job now is to check if people are doing any hanky-panky to the financials.

Which is why I like to just start imagine about something (some people call that 'daydreaming'). It sometimes is a way to destress, to escape from reality. Like how many ways you wanna run down that annoying pedestrian who was taking her own sweet time to cross the road. Or trying to imagine someone wearing a lobster suit selling balloons.

Sometimes I wish I have a poloroid camera to capture my imagination or daydream. Probably it would come out as a mix between Bizarro and Calvin & Hobbes. Or worse, something from Grand Theft Auto.

Why do some people condemn imagination? Why do they associate imagination with children? So only children are entitled to have their own imagination. So fine, you are an adult now, you should be living in an adult world, where everything is so brain-dead and automated. Imagination is dead out there.

People read books and stories so to experience the authors' imagination. Then come the movie producers, who are so lazy to think of an original story, decided to make yet another novel adaptation. Then the people will compare the book and the movie. Somehow rather, you will be influenced by the movie itself. Suddenly what you have imagined the story, or the character to be, is not the same as the movie. So you have to align your thoughts and imagination to be synchronised as the movie. Hello???? Something's not right!!! I have every right to maintain what I have imagined the story to be, so don't go correct me!!!

Imagination does not have to be childish. Sometimes those criminals, and the disgusting things they do, are results of their vivid imagination. Visionaries, on the other hand, are people with remarkable imagination, and their ability to transform their imagination into reality.

So please leave me and my imagination alone.