Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sick of getting sick

I'm sick. Again.

Ever since a couple of years since I worked and changed roles, my closing schedule became more hectic, and more work to do. And then I started falling sick during the close. Every close.

For the past two years it usually happens about the 4th to 6th day of the new calender month. Now with my new role earlier this year, my timing of falling sick has changed to the first 3 days of the calender month.

My parents lament my lack of sleep as the main factor why I fall sick every month. But this month I was good (quite good la, didn't sleep too late). So not sure what's happening to me. I hope it's not something being clocked in by my immune system - to fall sick 1st week of each month - but i'm really getting sick of this. No matter how hard I prepared, it still come attacking each month. The worse part is the first week of the month is always the crucial week where I can't even take leave or MC, unless it's really serious. I'm so sick of falling sick!!!

Sigh.......time to go to bed now. Hopefully will feel better tomorrow. Or else I can't work effectively again :-(

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javatia said...

That's a bummer. Get well soon ya!