Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It's 5.20 am (local time) here at the Dubai International Airport. Am waiting for my next connecting flight to Manchester.

We had a very smooth flight throughout the way. The landing was so smooth, I didn't feel any bumps at all when the plane touched down. Emirates Airways have the best entertainment catalogue ever (500 channels!!!!) BUT there was something wrong with my personal TV screen, so I didn't get to watch anything. It doesn't matter anyway, as I slept throughout the journey.

Dubai International Airport is the most 'international' airport i've seen so far. There are so many types of people, around, and no one dominant ethnicity. The most amazing part was seeing an Arabic tourguide leading a pack of Chinese tourist, and he speaks PERFECT mandarin!! If he were to be someone to me on the phone, I would think he's a chinese.

Will be boarding in an hour's time. Pray we would have a safe journey and my personal TV screen will work this time around!!

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javatia said...

happy holsssssssssss!