Sunday, September 03, 2006

Romancing The Tag

She stood at the lift lobby area, staring at the bare wall ahead of her. A couple of times, she tapped her heels unconsciously, as she waited for the lift.

Today was meant to be a different day, or so said the horoscope column in the newspapers.

“A new interest will sweep you off your feet. However, be careful of getting into an embarrassing situation where revealing details may be exposed.”

She took heed of the second advice. Turtleneck top. Check. Boot cut tweed pants. Check. Seamless underwear. Check. Loafers with anti-slip soles. Check.

It was the first sentence that made her curious. New interest? She had been unlucky in love too many times. Falling for the wrong guys. Being too emotional. Too indecisive. Too fussy.

Perhaps today shall be a different day after all.


The lift opened. She walked in.

There was only one guy in the lift. He took a quick glance at her and smiled. She returned his smile and took her position across the other side of the lift. She quickly pressed the 16th floor button. He was headed for the 12th floor.

She studied him from the corner of her eye. He was about 5”8 tall, fair skin, short black crew cut hair. He wasn’t a skinny guy, neither was he obese too, somehow a bit bulky yet not muscular. His black-rimmed spectacles framed his handsome face perfectly. He was wearing a blue long-sleeved collared shirt and cream tie. His pants were from Armani, and he carried a LV laptop bag. She also noticed he stood with a slight hunch, and his face was deep in thought, as if his life was so full of burden.

Suddenly, he turned towards her. Her heart skipped a beat. He took a step closer to her.
She thought about the horoscope. So is he the one?

“Excuse me, miss” He has this low yet rich tone. It sounded so mesmerizing to her ears.


“There’s something I wanted to tell you so badly, but before I do so, I want you to reveal six random things about yourself.”

What? That was something totally uncalled for.

A thousand thoughts just zipped through her mind. She better be quick about it.


1. I am left-handed. However, there are certain things that I can do only using my right hand, such as brushing my teeth and using the scissors. I can use chopsticks with both hands. It’s because of this I can’t join the left-handers club coz I’m not left-handed enough.

2. I enjoy reading Animal Farm by George Orwell as I think it is the best book ever that reflects the society in our country. Every now and then, or when the political environment changes, I will pick up this book, read it and reflect on our future.

3. I started learning Cantonese only when I started working. I am still with the same company.

4. The only materialistic object I always dream to keep upgrading is my mobile phone. I’m just too kiamsiap to pay that much for the latest model.

5. I love collecting tortoises. Not the real ones (coz they keep dying) nor the preserved ones but anything that resemble a tortoise/turtle/terrapin. My grandmother once wanted me to keep the shell of a river terrapin that they caught, killed and ate, but I refused to take it. I can’t showcase all of them now due to lack of space, but hope to find them a permanent ‘home’ one day.

6. I really do enjoy reading blogs, as well as blogging itself. I don't really drink and I can't drink.



They have arrived at the 12th floor.

“Ah thank you. I gotta go. Here’s my name card, perhaps we can meet up for lunch.” He stepped out of the lift.

She couldn’t restrain herself. That’s it???

“Is that all you wanted to tell me?” She blurted out.

He looked at her and smiled.

“Actually I wanted to tell you – you wore your turtleneck top inside out.”

I honestly believe I’m too old to play tag (although I enjoyed the spoofing bit). So I won’t tag anyone. If you want, go tag yourselves. See-la, I'm so nice.

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