Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Ugly Side of Equality


- extract from 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell

The commandment laid down for Animal Farm began as "All Animals are Equal", but as the story goes along, one day an animal noticed that this very commandment has changed, but no one knew when it happened.

We are living in a society whereby some people are 'more equal' than others - put it another way, privileged. I won't be commenting from religion or ethinicity or family background perspective, but something that ticked me off yesterday.

Even in an organisation, there will always be some people who i call 'privileged'. Privileged because they can get away with anything. There are 'dirty' tricks people play to get what they want, for what motives I do not know, and the best part is, they ended up getting what they want. Just how 'equal' can an organisation get? I have my doubts.

While I have seen this trick being played over and over again, and it seemed to worked for certain people. Sometimes this people played this trick so many times I wonder how much more self-integrity you are presenting yourselves to your peers. Usually when this type of thing happens, I will just keep quiet, coz I do not know the reason behind the person's actions, and I basically do not care. Sometimes it may turn out to be better for the organisation, so I'm not going to complain about it.

This case was different, X is the culprit. I was told one story by X, and then there were another three people with a different side of the story. These people are persons who I am close to, and I believe what they say is true, for they do not have the intention to bring down X. However, with all these different stories X told them, and some other tricks and manipulation pulled, now everyone ended up hurt. Except for X, coz X gotten what X wanted. X pulled off the trick a lot of people did. I know some never had that 2nd chance, while some are more lucky. So X is the lucky person, but I am really disgusted at how manipulative one person can be. It really is bad for the company culture as well, but what to do, I am not management, I am just a teeny weeny staff slaving myself off for the company.

That was yesterday. Today I realised that I can be still so sour about this, but again the world continues to move on. X probably even never realised I feel this way too. No point hoping for "What goes around, comes around." coz it's gonna be futile anyway. I guess I just need to put away my personal differences for the greater good of the organisation.

This is gonna be a bitter pill to swallow.

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