Who's wearing the mask now???

"M to the A to the S to the K,
Put the mask up on the face just to make the next day……"

A mask is a piece of material worn on the face. It has been used for religious ceremonies, as a decoration, or even as protection against pollution or dangerous elements.

Even makeup is like a mask, as it covers all imperfections making one look flawless (although some people argue it’s a means to enhance your best features)

I believe everyone wears a mask. Not the physical kind, but one that forms a barrier from the real you.

It could be a mask to protect you from getting hurt. Or being exposed. Or for your personal motives, whichever reason it may be.

Some people wear more masks than others. Some have fragile masks. Some do not really need a mask, only when they are in trouble. Some put on their masks only when with certain people.

So you - You know who you are – how many masks do you wear? How many masks do you own? You wear so many masks when you are with different people. How would I know which person is the true you? Is your skin so thick now you don’t need a mask? Or has your mask become your second skin? All your different stories – I should have known better. I don’t know you well enough, but I guess I don’t wanna know you more now.

You have poisoned people, ruined relationships, created chaos, all for your own gain. So are you happy now? You better be, you manipulative selfish piece of crap. You didn't even say a word of thanks. It’s a wonder you dare show up again, after what you have done.

I will see you differently from now on.

"...Yeah everbody wear the mask but how long will it last."

* lyrics extracted from "The Mask" by The Fugees *