Saturday, September 09, 2006


Speaking of Korean dramas, I'll make this my excuse for posting the following :

Started watching this new K-drama called ‘My Girl’ (to be shown on 8tv this week as well), and I am already so smitten with the lead actor Lee Dong Wook coz he's just so good looking and charming......

My Girl was one of the more popular dramas in 2006. This drama made actress Lee Da Hae, as well as actors Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun Ki instant stars. More of the drama and its cast can be found here.

It's been a long, long while since I was so eager to finish off one drama asap becoz of an actor (the first being Won Bin in Autumn Story). The other one was Meteor Garden, but that didn't really count coz I was already scanning through the last few discs just to find out the ending.

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae

My Girl may have made Lee Dong Wook more famous, but he could not beat the phenomenon that co-star Lee Jun Ki has generated. Lee Jun Ki became an overnight sensation in Korea and China, because of My Girl as well as the all time no.1 movie in Korea, The King and the Clown (2005).

Jun Ki also snagged an endorsement with the much coveted Samsung Anycall mobile phones for an unprecedented performance-based reward. He signed a one-year modeling contract with Samsung in a unique “blank check” deal that will make his remuneration dependent on the commercial’s success rather that a flat fee based on his star status. He's also currently endorsing Giordano ads in Korea, and other commercials too.

Lee Jun Ki for Giordano

I personally do not understand why Korean women find him so appealing. When I first saw him in My Girl, my first thoughts was "is this a he or a she??" He looks really like a sissy boy, but then again, pretty boys have been rather appealing to certain groups of women (maybe men too). But not me. Lee Dong Wook wins hands down. It's kinda unfair why the sissy looking people get the better deals and publicity. (Think Kangta or TVXQ. Yucks)

If the pictures doesn't do justice that Lee Dong Wook is really so good looking, here is a MV created by fans of My Girl. He really is more charming and captivating in the drama. It's that smouldering looks he give that's just irrisistable. It's a pity he doesn't smile more often due to the character he potrays. Or else, I'm a goner!!! Hence like what LDW fans claimed : They are 'Wookified"!!

How much longer can his popularity sustain in the future? Well it pretty much depends on his advertising appeal and the choice of dramas he's in. The Korean entertainment industry is a competitive and fickle one. Every drama will have new starlets hoping to make their big break. You can be somebody one day, and then a nobody another day. So will he make it bigger one day? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I'll remain happily Wookified till I finish off this drama :-)

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