An Inconvenient Truth

On my return flight from London to Dubai, I watched An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary on global warming presented by Al Gore.

Al Gore presented a series of findings and evidence (in forms of photographs, charts and videos) that just left me dumbfounded. It was a very clear message presented : Global warming is a serious threat to mankind and earth.

The effects is so much more severe now as I watched through melting icecaps, droughts and floods, all the effects of global warming. It was an eye-opener to see how much of earth would be submerged under seawater should the largest of icecaps melt and the seawater level rises. Half of Manhatten City will be gone, and so will be low lying areas such as Bangladesh, or even locally, Penang and Klang.

If the first thing that comes to your mind about a documentary is that it's boring, Al Gore's presentation is surprisingly good, as he cleverly uses a variety of media mediums, peppered with some humour to drive the key message through effectively.

Al Gore ends this documentary with suggestions of tips on how we could do to help save the earth for the future. Lastly he urged USA to sign up the Kyoto Treaty, as only USA and Australia are the only two developed countries that did not sign the treaty.

What we learned in school, all the theories of how global warming takes place is no longer enough. I believe there needs to be more awareness created on global warming. This video would be a useful very educational tool in Malaysia. I think the current education on environment given to the children in Malaysia just sucks big time. Everyone thinks they are still ok, but we are just living in denial.

If you do not care about the environment, or global warming, or you think it's not your business, think again. If you have kids, or planning to have in the future, this is the earth you will pass down to your future generation. You owe your future generation an explanation why they have inherited earth that is already so ruined. No more finger pointing, all of us are at fault. And it's stil not too late if we take action now.

If you can get hold of the documentary, watch it. Download it. Share it with your family and friends. They may thank you for it. Earth may thank you for it.

More information can be found here.