Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kate Dressed/Undressed

Kate Moss.

Even since the coke-sniffing incident, she is now hotter than ever. She is currently featured in the following 2006 Fall/Winter campaigns : Burberry, Dior, Chanel, LV, just to name a few.

Talk about Brit's choice of role models :-p

Her bad behavour and influence aside, I was at the hair salon last week for a much-needed haircut. While flipping through magazines, I came across Kate's poster for LV in one of the local magazines. Here's what it looked like :

Thing was, I have seen this print ad before in UK, and somehow this ad did not look right. So I asked for more magazines and upon picking up an overseas copy of Harper's Bazaar, I finally found what I was looking for.

And I was right. The print ad was different. This is the 'original' version :

I never knew even print ads can be subjected to such 'tasteful' censorship. In the past I know foreign magazines with ads too 'revealing' for Malaysians will be brutally censored with black marker pens. At least this time around, Kate got 'dressed' in black and actually looked quite nice in it. However, I really don't think it needed any censorship in the first place.



ChinoDevean said...

HAHAHA very interesting observation. Yes, the Brits have terrible role models from reality shows like Big Brother etc.

Misook said...

I never notice of the difference when I just scrolled your writing dowon -____-;; Next time when I saw the Local magazine, I can find more interesting difference..