Monday, October 23, 2006

My Pixart Album

After I came back from my UK trip, I was planning on making my own scrapbook. However, ototo-san recommended I check out this website called pixart. This is a local company offering a customised photobook, whereby you can download their software, load your photos, and once you are satisfied with the photos, comments and formatting, you then send your virtual scrapbook over to them, and the 'finished product' is the scrapbook itself.

There are two sizes - The photo book and pocket book. I chose the pocket book, which is a very compact photobook. The size of the book is less than half an A4 paper. I managed to send out the file to pixart on the 15th October, to ensure my book arrives before the Raya holidays (it takes them five working days to produce the book).

When I finally received my book, I was so happy and proud!! Coz it's all my hard work designing my own scrapbook, and now I can show my friends the highlights of my trip with an impressive photobook!

Here's the front cover......

......and here's the back cover. All designed by myself!

What's inside my photobook is personal, but here's a very bad snapshot on how it looks like. It's just one of the many layout formats you can experiment with. The quality of the book is good, it's just that my photography skills are lousy :p

Pixart charges RM50 for a standard 24 page pocket book, with RM1.50 per extra page. Mine costs RM53. I personally think it's worth it coz it's simple to use, doesn't take too long (unless you are very fussy with the design, like yours truly) and gives high satisfaction to both owner and viewer!!!

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