Sunday, October 01, 2006

UK Tour Update - Part 3

Continuing on from Part 2......

What struck me about the city of Bath was that it's a bright glistering city, thanks to the light coloured limestone used on all its buildings. It is a beautiful city (probably coz it was a bright day as well, since the city looks like it's shining from afar).

The main tourist attraction is the Roman Baths, which - somehow - was not part of the tour package. So it's a couple of hours to lepak around Bath, take photos of Bath Abbey (below) and the exterior of the Roman Baths. It's quite a nice little city to walk around, and we managed to get some photographs of a private garden near the abbey.

Finally, the highlight of the trip - Stonehenge!

Many would know how does Stonehenge look like. It's just a famous pile of stones that was mysteriously built in the middle of nowhere, and till today, its exact purpose remains unknown. More about Stonehenge can be found in wikipedia.

There was an travel article I read about Stonehenge. The writer said that her first thought upon seeing Stonehenge was "Oh. That's it". To her, it was one of those things that you really wanna see, and upon seeing it, there's nothing much to marvel about it other than taking a photo to prove you've been there. She was half right.

I didn't get a chance to marvel at it coz apparently it wasn't in our 'official' tour itenary. One needs to pay up 10 pounds to get into the compound where Stonehenge is. And you can't even go inside the site itself. So we poor bunch of tourists had to stand outside the fence and try to take photos, while secretly envying those who were actually inside the compound. So much for the climax of this trip.

Food : We had lunch at Salisbury, a city near Stonehenge. We had sandwiches, but thankfully not from Subway this time!

Our tour ended in Salisbury, and the coach headed back to London, where we spent three days on our own there.

I won't be going into details what we do in London coz there's just too many of them.

Places we visited : Westminster Abbey Trafalgar Square Big Ben House of Parliments Buckingham Palace Hyde Park Natural History Museum British Museum National Art Gallery London Eye Temple Church (was closed for renovations) Camden Lock Market Piccadilly Circus Her Majesty's Theatre (to watch Phantom of the Opera) Albert Memorial Harrods Selfridges Covent Garden Kensington Garden etc. etc.

Food : Usually it's deli-style food for lunch, that includes Subway (again). Dinner was usually something Asian (Chinese/Vietnamese). We were able to savour the famous roast duck from Four Seasons Chinese restaurant during one of our dinners.

It was a very enjoyable trip - blessed with generally good weather, and great to travel as a family again. It would be better if things weren't so expensive after conversion. (That keychain may cost only 4 pounds, but it's already RM28 in Malaysia!) Meanwhile, I will keep my fingers crossed that the exchange rate will be favourable when my credit card statement arrives!!!

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