Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Went back to Johor during the weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 81st birthday.

My uncle's home is packed with relatives, and everyone, including my grandmother, were in good spirits. It's amazing how tall my younger cousins grew over the last year. I am soon going to be the shortest cousin around :(

We had dinner at the local kampung chinese restaurant, whereby they served pretty pricey stuff. We had birthday noodles, four seasons, herbal chicken soup with abalone, sea cucumber and mushroom, some pork ribs with yam, steamed fish, salted egg prawns, some sea cucumber dish, mushroom with pork meat wrapped with fish maw, and mango pudding. Naturally my younger cousins favoured the mango pudding a lot more than the main dishes!

We went home to celebrate Grandma's birthday with a huge chocolate cake. Since my youngest cousin co-incidentally turned three on Saturday as well, we got him a tiny panda cake.

Overall, it was a good trip back, albeit a very short one. Grandma was very happy to see all of us, and although she looked much older and thinner now, she is still the Grandma that I always know - hardworking yet caring.

Happy Birthday Ah-Ma! May God shower His blessings on you whereever you are, and whatever you do!

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