Shut out

Today's series of events probably wrapped up the shakiest emotional roller coaster I encountered this week.
We had another club event tonight, this time a movie in which I am in charge of. After weeks of compiling registrations, handling difficult people, and other nitty-gritty stuff, the movie was finally on tonight.
I have invited my bf to watch the movie together with me, and he has agreed. However, he could not make it in the end due to food poisoning. So I decided not to attend the event I have been co-ordinating since October.
It just felt very strange that, after so much preparation (and juggling my work at the same time) to have the event finally taking place tonight, but not being able to enjoy the 'benefits' of it in the end. Like I was shut out from the movie, but coz of my own decision.
I have not experienced this type of feeling before, and it just felt, wierd. Imagine getting excited when you see the people turning to redeem their movie tickets, and chatting with the clubbers and collegues. After redemption is over, and before the movie began, I thanked the clubbers, asking them to enjoy the movie, and just headed home.
I also felt very bad coz one of the clubbers did not turn up (again!!!), and someone else ended up having to sit alone at the twin seats. If I stayed on, at least it wouldn't have happened.
I'm on leave tomorrow, so hopefully I don't get into those funny emotional moments that was so hard to shake-off earlier this week.


Anonymous said…
I hope you feel better now...
Happy Birthday~