Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blog Obsession

It's really funny how some people can get so obsessed with their blogs (or other blogs for that matter).
They register themselves with Technorati and see how many people link to their blogs. The more links they get, the higher the ranking they will be. So sometimes you will see blogs with the list of other blogs being longer than their own postings!!!
Recently, my cousin highlighted to me this local teenage blogger/author, whom I shall not name here. My uncle was disgusted with her blog coz for a fifteen year-old, she's already bitching around like nobody's business. So I thought I checked it out, since she's already famous among the teenagers.
A search in Google not only reveals her blog, but also an anti-blog of hers (something like i-hate-xxxxxxx kind of blog). Her own blog, apart from advertising her first novel, has all sorts of complaints and photos and loads of pink. My first impression of her blog is that she's trying to write like one famous Singaporean blogger, and look like the other famous Singaporean blogger, who's now based in Taiwan. Ah well, that was probably one blog I wouldn't be frequenting, coz I guess we have different taste *haha*
Now, that anti-blog got me curious, and......looks like it's written and owned by that same teenager!!! Well, according to that blog, she writes this coz her other blog doesn't give her the privacy, so she needs to create another blog. But why an anti-xxxxxxx blog? My guess is that either she's so afraid of someone owning this blog to diss her, or that it's not the actual person who claims she is, or that she still wants the publicity. Teenagers now are so complicated.
Speaking of Singaporean bloggers, I visit the two above-mentioned blogs once in a blue moon. There was one posting that was so amusing. It speaks about how one of the blogger's ranking has been overthrown by the other. While the bloggers themselves claim they are not affected by this, and 'officially' maintain their mutual respect for the other party, the fans doesn't seem to think so. It was really amusing seeing the fans dissing one another, just to show their support for that particular blogger.
Totally crazy.
I'm quite glad the way how my blog turns out to be now. No grand plans for expansion, but happy if I receive any feedback/comments. No time to become so blog-obsessed ^_^


ChinoDevean said...

oi don't simply change coverart la..are those chocolate rice balls or what? btw who's this 15yo??

lili said...

I enjoy reading your's funny at times.. hahaha

nileey said...

chino - those are actually christmas balls...haha...and i will let u know the blog name via email...

lili - thanks a can treat this as entertainment :-)