Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last thoughts for 2006

This will be one of my last (if not last) post for 2006.

Some random thoughts :

Year-End is literally around the corner!!! I really dread this time, not sure what to expect this time, and it's so hard to get support from Country coz everyone is either on leave or too busy to entertain my requests!!


I am so stressed!!! It's all in my face :-(

Had the biggest breakout ever!!! Went to the facial lady hoping to clear some of those awful acne. Now my face is all red, hot and swollen, and I can still feel those new pimples popping out. Even make-up can't help me now. Can I wear a paper bag to work?


Just had my first glass of Guinness (missed out the opportunity while in Dublin).

Feeling a bit tipsy now, and I'm supposed to be working!!!


The Taiwan earthquake has disrupted so much of the Internet, but
thank goodness Blogger can still be used. Hopefully everything can be restored soon. I hope because of this, does that mean less spam in my mail? (Wishful thinking)


My boyfriend had a prenomition that something really bad will happen within these few days. Probably coz so many wierd things are showing up all of a sudden, such as wierd sea creatures being washed ashore, cockles that came from nowhere, floods in Johor and Sumatra, earthquakes, freak weather all over the world, etc, etc.

I'm telling you, this is Nature hitting back at us for exploiting them and taking them for granted.

Not even World Peace can help us now.


Last, but not least,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (early greeting)

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